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All Saints Church - Projects

Tiffany Windows Final Decision: Since November 16, 2018 after we have received an official Condition report of five Tiffany Altar Windows located above the High Altar at All Saints Church, I met several times with parish council, finance council and parish building committee. Most of the time members were questioning themselves between sale and restore of those windows. Finally, we made a decision to proceed with restoration of one (center) window. We think that will be a chance for members of the parish to see the beauty of window after restoration. Cost of restoration of that center window: ($47,800.00 restoration + $7,450.00 to replace the exterior glass and paint the frame = $55,250.00)

At this point we extend an opportunity to contribute to this project by those who will choose so. God Bless Fr. Piotr 


As of February 21 we have donations for Tiffany Windows Restoration Project at All Saints Church:

In memory of Paul Lukaskiewicz

From:  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rolla, Kathryne & James Marinchak, Anthony & Gretchen Conklin & Beverly Adamsky

In memory of Harold Piche:

From: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rolla, Jeanne Mulligan,Craig & Doreen Harder, Jean Despres, Edward & Nancy Stahelek, Roger & Lucille Lacoste, Christopher & Diane Dymon, Maureen Lyons, Joyce Siok, Richard & Merle Allard, Varnum Funeral Home, Beers & Story Funeral Home, John Roberts, Edward & Paula Masse, Constance & Leon Wlodyka, Stephen & Charlene Fijal, Nat Falk Inc., Jean McQuaid, William Deschamps, Edward Pelis & Sheila Reynolds.

Additional Donations From: Anonymous donor & Kathryn Pajak and Kevin Strzelczyk

That brings our donations total to $3,450.00

Thank You for your generosity