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All Saints and St Mary's Churches

Update Regarding Mass Times & Adoration

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Please note that effective Monday April 12th, we will have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Monday through Thursday from 8:00AM to 9:00AM.

Mass Time for Saturday 5:15PM Vigil & Sunday 5:15PM Mass

Effective March 24th and March 25, both the 5:15PM Vigil Mass on Saturday and the 5:15PM Mass on Sunday will be moved back to 5:30PM.

Cemetery Update

Just a reminder that Winter Plants and Flowers at all cemeteries were allowed until April 1st. 

Now is the Easter Season and time to prepare for Memorial Day. Please remove Winter Plants and Flowers by Wednesday, April 14 after that day cemetery crew will removed them.

Holy Hour with Bishop Byrne


Upcoming Classes:

First Communion Class

Additional Classes 

Place: Saint Mary’s Church

  • Time: Following 9:30 am Mass until 11:30am
  • Dates: APRIL 11, 18, 25
  • Day: Sunday 

First Confession and Rehearsal:

Friday, April 30 at 6pm at the Saint Mary’s Church

First Communion Mass: 

Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 12:10 P.M. @ Saint Mary’s Church


Farewell for Fr. Piotr 

April 24/25 will be Fr. Piotr’s official last weekend with us at All Saints and Saint Mary’s. After that Father Piotr will visit from time to time. Due to Covid-19 guidelines it is limited what and how we can do it. More information to come.

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Current Restrictions during COVID19 Pandemic Time

  • Houses of Worship increased to 50%. 6ft social distancing & mask wearing by all attendees is still required. Every other pew will remain closed. Our new numbers of those who can attend:
  • All Saints is up to 350 people/& Saint Mary’s is up to 300 people per service.
  • If you are sick even if, it is not COVID-19, coughing or sneezing, please stay home. 
  • Please bring your private prayer books or buy our Book of the Sacred Liturgy for years ABC
  • We ask that those coming to our churches bring their own hand sanitizer if at all possible
  • All members of the congregation need to wear Masks (covering MOUTH & NOSE) and they must put them on prior to leaving their cars, with a few exceptions: Children under the age of two should not wear masks.  
  • Holy Communion distributed to the faithful in the hand at the regular time. Father, Deacon or EM will come to your pew. Please stand in your pew if you are in state of grace that allows you to receive Holy Communion. Those receiving on the tongue - please come forward to the altar after Mass. Remove your mask just before approaching to receive and place your mask back on immediately afterwards.
  • Please leave your kneeler down after Mass, so we will know which pews were used & must be sanitized before next service
  • Church is disinfecting after each service with a chemical product, which kills all viruses and bacteria after being on the surface for 10 minutes.
  • Parish Office Closed to Visitors, only phone calls are allowed at this point

Father of Mercy,

You willed that all people should have life and have it abundantly.

You call us to care for one another, putting the needs of our neighbor on a par with our own.

Bless these OUR masks, which we wear during this time of pandemic.

May they protect us, and all those we encounter, from the threat of Covid-19.

May those who wear them never bring harm upon anyone, knowingly or unknowingly,

by spreading this terrible disease.

Holy Spirit, grant us a peaceful heart.

Teach us patience.

Help us turn to you in prayer when we are irritable or afraid, or when the journey seems too long for us. May all our efforts to guard and protect one another in charity become a shining witness to the love of Jesus Christ, for he is Lord forever and ever.


All Saints Church - Tiffany Windows Final Project

All Saints Church - Tiffany Windows Final Decision:  Since November 16, 2018 after we have received an official Condition report of five Tiffany Altar Windows located above the High Altar at All Saints Church. Finally, we made a decision to proceed with restoration of one (center) window. We think that will be a chance for members of the parish to see the beauty of window after restoration. 

Cost of restoration of that center window:  ($47,800.00 restoration + $7,450.00 to replace the exterior glass and paint the frame = $55,250.00)

At this point we extend an opportunity to contribute to this project by those who will choose so. As of March 29th, we have received the following additional donations:

In Memory of Georgette Korzec from: Beverly Sawyer, Tracey Mazur, Clayton & Janet Sydla, Peter & Darlene Sojka, & Linda Cunningham – In Memory of Domenica DeSantis

This brings our donations total to  $10,970.00.  Thank you for your generosity!


Helping Hands

Thank you to all those who have contributed to our food pantry which will be used to serve those in need. This weekend we were able to deliver food to approximately 50 people.

As a reminder, this is a program we will continue to run on a monthly basis. The baskets will remain by each door of the churches and we will continue to collect donations and distribute to those in need. We will continue to have baskets placed at both Churches for Non-perishable food, especially that of which can be warmed quickly by our recipients. Think about the kinds of foods that you would be happy to get. For Example: Canned Meats, Canned Tuna, Jams/Jelly (non-glass), Canned or Dry Soups, Canned Stews and Chilies, Tea Bags, Juice, Canned Pasta, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit, Candy, Chips, and any other foods that can be easily prepared in microwaves. 

Thank you to all those who continue to support our program and our community. -God Bless

Annual Catholic Appeal

Have you taken the time to contribute to “Sowing the Seeds”  the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal?

No matter the size of your donation, collectively your contribution supports more than 40 ministries including: Catholic school education, feeding the hungry, protecting life from birth until death, helping families in crisis, and our vocations office.

There is still time to take part by using the packet sent to your home, donating online at , by calling: 413-452-0650, or take an envelope available here at church.

If you’ve already sent in your pledge or donation, thank you for your support!

Rosary Sodality

The Rosary Sodality News:

Due to Covid-19 - No Social Activities 

Spiritual Activities:

Participating in the Rosary before Mass (Monday - Thursday)

Attending 13th of each month, prayer service at St. Mary’s Cemetery at 4pm - at Our Lady of Grace Shrine

First Saturday Devotion at St. Mary’s Church: 7:30 am Rosary, 8 am Mass followed by Private Adoration  after Mass till 9am


Book with Sunday Readings and Songs

Book of Sacred Liturgy

We are offering our parishioners the opportunity to purchase a hardcover Book of Liturgy, which includes Sunday Masses & Holy days of obligation, as well as music.

The Sunday Masses cycle A-B-C. This is a forever you own Mass book.

Perfect tool to have during COVID-19 restrictions.

The cost of the book is $30.00. Please see Father after Mass If you are interested in purchasing  a copy.

Instruction for the book

Online Giving - All Saints

Online Giving - St. Mary's


Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday
9am -12noon

Only by appointment. Please call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Mass Times

Update Mass Schedule:

Monday: All Saints 7:30 am Mass
Tuesday: All Saints 7:30 am Mass followed by Adoration till 8:30am
Wednesday: St. Mary’s 7:30 am Mass followed by Adoration till 8:30am
Thursday: St. Mary’s 7:30 am Mass
Friday and Saturday Morning - NO services just:
First Friday: 8 am - All Saints
First Saturday: 8 am - St. Mary’s.

4:00pm Mass at All Saints;
5:15pm Mass at St. Mary’s
8:00am Mass at All Saints;
9:30am Mass at St. Mary’s
5:15pm Mass at All Saints Church

Additional Devotions during Pandemic Time:
First Friday: 12:00- NOON – Communion Service at St. Mary's Parking Lot Please stay in your car

*12:10 PM - High Mass – St. Mary’s Church – Only on First Sunday

General Contact Information

All Saints Church is located at 17 North Street, Ware - MA - 01082

St. Mary's Church is located at 57 North Street, Ware - MA - 01082

Parish Office for both Churches is located at 60 South Street, Ware - MA 01082

Emails:   [email protected] & [email protected]    

Phone Numbers*: 413-967-4963 or 413-967-5913   *Both numbers are coming into one line what means when someone is on the phone by using one of the numbers, you will get a busy signal trying to reach us

Fax: 413-967-4679