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All Saints and St Mary's Churches

Our General Contact Information

All Saints Church is located at 17 North Street, Ware - MA - 01082

St. Mary's Church is located in the corner of Monroe Street and South Street 

Parish Office for both Churches is located at 60 South Street, Ware - MA 01082

*** That is our mailing address for both parishes 


[email protected]

[email protected]

Phone Numbers:

413-967-4963 or 413-967-5913

Both numbers are coming into one line what means when someone is on the phone by using one of the numbers, you will get a busy signal trying to reach us

Fax: 413-967-4679


Covid -19 Updates as of September 18

On September 18 - Bishop Robert McManus, our Apostolic Administrator, has authorized the following updates to the diocesan Covid directives.

Opening churches for private prayerChurches and chapels may remain open for private prayer for extended hours at the discretion of the pastor/administrator. A cleaning and sanitizing plan should be in place to accommodate this extended opening. Parishes should also be mindful of recent instances of vandalism targeting Catholic churches. 

      In our town: St. Mary’s Church will be open on Wednesdays and Sundays until 4pm

Reception of Holy Communion; Effective immediately, Holy Communion may be distributed to the faithful either on the tongue or in the hand. In both manners, special precautions should be maintained so as to avoid direct physical contact with the communicant.  Should that occur, the priest, deacon or extraordinary minister of the Eucharist should immediately stop distributing Holy Communion and sanitize their hands. Those receiving on the tongue should remove their masks just before approaching to receive and place their mask back on immediately afterwards.

Communion will be given at the regular time. Father, Deacon or EM will come to your pew. Please stand in your pew if you are in state of grace that allows you to receive Holy Communion.

Furniture for Sale

All are sold. We are sorry 

Online Giving - All Saints

St. Mary's Bells Project

Saint Mary’s Church Bells Project:

Bishop approved proposal of the Fabrication of Automatic Bell Ringing Equipment for St. Mary’s Four Bells.

Project goes back to the year 2013 . Deposit was made toward this project back in 2016.The Verdin VO Striker Units will be custom designed to ring our stationary bells. Strikers are arranged to strike the correct striking point on the exterior of the bell.

Cost of the project is not easy to explain at this point: Includes all necessary work at the tower - almost done at this point; electric work to bring required wires to operate bells; any additional and necessary cost. Cost to the Verdin company is $32,640.00. We are looking for total cost around $37,000 


As of September 22 our total donations $18,305.00 Thank You 

St. Mary’s Bells Project Updates:

"On August 22, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates a memorial in honor of the Queenship of Mary. This memorial is placed an octave, that is, eight days after celebrating Mary's Assumption into Heaven. The Queenship can be considered a prolongation of the celebration of the Assumption. Mary is Queen and Our Lady because of Christ and like Christ. Vatican II, sanctioning a tradition going back to the fourth century, reaffirmed authoritatively the doctrine of Mary's regality: "When her earthly life was over," she was "exalted by the Lord as Queen over all things, that she might be the more fully conformed to her Son." (Lumen Gentium 59)"

We are very happy to share the good news: St. Mary’s Bells Project was completed on August 22 and they are working well.

Beginning of the project goes back to year 2013. Thank You to all who have made already contributions toward this project.

We are accepting donations till October 1, 2020 Only.

Per Father’s  request bells are ringing each day for the Angelus at 12noon and 6pm and also on Saturdays at 5pm and Sunday at 9:15am.

Book with Sunday Readings and Songs

Book of Sacred Liturgy

We are offering our parishioners the opportunity to purchase a hardcover Book of Liturgy,

which includes Sunday Masses & Holy days of obligation, as well as music.

The Sunday Masses cycle A-B-C. This is a forever you own Mass book.

Perfect tool to have during COVID-19 restrictions.

The cost of the book is $30.00. Please see Father after Mass If you are interested in purchasing  a copy.

Instruction for the book

Polish Kitchen News

Polish Kitchen News:

We would like to Thank All our volunteers for their hard work and our customers for their support.

After time of thinking what to do and how to follow all restrictions from Diocese, State and Local Department of Health.

We came to conclusion that we are unable to do that, especially in the process of making pierogis and putting at risk our volunteers.

It is very sad but considering health of our workers and most of all health of our customers. We made a decision of taking a year off due to Covid-19 from making polish food.

As a result of that please keep in mind that: 2020 Christmas and 2021 Easter Food Sales are canceled. We hope to see you in Fall of 2021.

God Bless and Stay Healthy

Your friends from Polish Kitchen

COVID - 19 Regulations

All Saints Report after Bishop's Visitation in 2016

Online Giving - St. Mary's

Listening Sesions Results

Two days were offered to members of our Churches.

First on Sunday, August 23 at All Saints Church (10 people)

And Second on Monday, August 24 at St. Mary’s Parish Hall (17 people)

Also we have received 5 emails we inputs or ideas.

  1. Tiffany Windows located at All Saints Church:


- Contact other companies to provide  us with a value of windows that we can compare with a proposal made by a buyer.

- All were in favor of sale of the windows  verses restoration

- Try to sale them to the Diocese that is building a new Church either in USA or Europe

  1. Buildings Updates:


  • Sale the St. Mary’s School Building
  • All Saints Rectory – removal of the asbestos and demolishing or sale with the understanding that house will be moved to other location. No need for an additional parking or renovation of that building due to cost.
  1. Decrease of Donations during Covid-19:


  • Letter to be sent to members of the parishes  or
  • Post on parishes website more information about cleaning procedures
  • Evaluate contributions from calendar year 2019 and reach out to those who are not supporting either Church
  • All felt that being a member of the Church means Carrying and Supporting in any way that is possible
  1. Cemeteries a need for more clear regulations:
  • Parish Councils should approve a new regulations on the next meetings
  • We should follow regulations made by the Diocesan Cemeteries
  • Updated regulations to be publish in Ware River News, Parish Bulletin, Website and Ware TV
  • All felt that nothing should be left on the ground that is creating more work for mowing, flowers should be allowed within the headstone area only, all additional decorations or items should be placed only within or on headstone, nothing left on flat markers, after burial family should have two weeks for removal of flowers. Seasonal restrictions should be followed and all should respect that Cemetery is a sacred ground and all must respect that.
  1. Other concerns: Some comments were made about Mass Schedule and worries about one of the Churches being closed at some point. At this point Fr. Piotr is asking everyone to stop creating division where is no need for it. We are all one, believing in one God. If someone couldn’t make it to 4pm Mass on Saturday always can go to 5:15pm. Church is not a Building but people of God that pray together. We are so blessed to have two beautiful and in good condition Churches in our town. We are all Catholic and comments like that: one Church is better that other are not fair.

What should matter is our relationship with God and one another and if we are still creating sort of division over a space of worship we should ask ourselves: What will Jesus Do?

Rosary Sodality

The Rosary Sodality News:

Due to Covid-19 - No Social Activities 

Spiritual Activities:

Participating in the Rosary before Mass (Monday - Thursday)

Attending 13th of each month, prayer service at St. Mary’s Cemetery at 4pm - at Our Lady of Grace Shrine

First Saturday Devotion at St. Mary’s Church: 7:30 am Rosary, 8 am Mass followed by Private Adoration  after Mass till 9am

Our Officers are: Patricia Henn - President; Patricia Drenzek - Vice President; Janet Kopec - Secretary;    Beatrice Larson - Treasurer; Renata Madra - Vice Treasurer


St. Mary's Report after Bishop's Visitation in 2019

Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday
9am -12noon

Only by appointment. Please call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


  • Sun, Sep 20th

  • Sun, Sep 13th

Mass Times

Update Mass Schedule:

Monday: All Saints 7:30 am Mass
Tuesday: All Saints 7:30 am Mass followed by Adoration till 8:30am
Wednesday: St. Mary’s 7:30 am Mass followed by Adoration till 8:30am
Thursday: St. Mary’s 7:30 am Mass
Friday and Saturday Morning - NO services just:
First Friday: 8 am - All Saints
First Saturday: 8 am - St. Mary’s.

4:00pm Mass at All Saints;
5:15pm Mass at St. Mary’s
8:00am Mass at All Saints;
9:30am Mass at St. Mary’s
5:15pm Mass at All Saints Church

Additional Devotions during Pandemic Time:
First Friday: 12:00- NOON – Communion Service at St. Mary's Parking Lot Please stay in your car

*12:10 PM - High Mass – St. Mary’s Church – Only on First Sunday