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Our General Contact Information

All Saints Church is located at 17 North Street, Ware - MA - 01082

St. Mary's Church is located in the corner of Monroe Street and South Street 

Parish Office for both Churches is located at 60 South Street, Ware - MA 01082

*** That is our mailing address for both parishes 


[email protected]

[email protected]

Phone Numbers:

413-967-4963 or 413-967-5913

Both numbers are coming into one line what means when someone is on the phone by using one of the numbers, you will get a busy signal trying to reach us

Fax: 413-967-4679


All Saints and St Mary's Churches

Cemeteries - Snow

 Our Parishes Snow Policy: 

 Due to inclement weather All parishes cemeteries will be closed before, during and after snow-storm

 We will reopen when roads are clean.

 Thank You for your understanding


STOP IT NOW PROGRAM with the Diocese of Springfiled

Diocese of Springfield contracts with Stop It Now! to conduct focus groups, surveys with individuals who have been sexually abused

The Independent Task Force on the Response to Sexual Abuse within the Diocese of Springfield announced a contract with Stop It Now!,

an internationally recognized sexual abuse prevention organization, to independently create a safe forum for those who have experienced sexual abuse within the Catholic Church to share their experiences and insights.

Stop It Now! will conduct confidential focus groups and surveys. The information will help inform the task force which is charged with providing recommendations to Bishop William Byrne on how to improve the response to sexual abuse allegations in the diocese.

Stop It Now! has no affiliation with the Catholic Church or any other faith community.

Stop It Now!, founded by an individual who was sexually abused, has nearly 30 years of experience of working with families and organizations to identify behaviors that pose risks, and educating the public around preventing sexual abuse.

Stop It Now! encourages individuals wishing to participate to reach out through Jan. 25 by calling (413) 587-3502 and leaving a message on a confidential voicemail, providing first name and call-back number, or by email, [email protected], subject line ‘You Matter.’ For more information, visit

9 Days Pro-life Novena

9 Days Pro-life Novena - Special Events

Thursday, January 21st at Saint Mary’s Church (First Day)

7:30am Opening Mass

3:00pm Chaplet to Divine Mercy and Adoration until 6pm

Friday, January 22nd - Day of prayer for the legal protection of unborn children:

12:10pm Mass at Saint Mary’s 

6pm Mass at All Saints 

Friday, January 29th at All Saints Church (Last Day)

3:00pm Chaplet to Divine Mercy and Adoration until 6pm

6pm - Closing Mass 

Online Giving - All Saints


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Current Restrictions during COVID19 Pandemic Time

Updated on December 22, 2020

In response to the significant uptick in COVID cases,

Gov. Baker today lowered the allowed capacity on all houses of worship to 25% EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 26.  These new restrictions will last at least for two weeks but may be longer. This is in addition to maintaining social distancing between households, wearing masks and thoroughly cleaning churches in between Masses and other services.

- Church of the service opens 30 minutes before each Mass

- Please bring your private prayer books or buy our Book of the Sacred Liturgy for years ABC.

- Physical distancing (six feet minimum) at all times.

- In our town: St. Mary’s Church will be open for private prayer on Wednesdays and Sundays until 4pm

- We ask that those coming to our churches bring their own hand sanitizer if possible

- All members of the congregation need to wear Masks (covering MOUTH & NOSE) and they must put them on prior to leaving their cars, with a few exceptions: Children under the age of two should not wear masks.

- Holy Communion distributed to the faithful in the hand at the regular time. Father, Deacon or EM will come to your pew. Please stand in your pew if you are in state of grace that allows you to receive Holy Communion.

**Those receiving on the tongue please come forward to the altar after Mass. Remove your mask just before approaching to receive and place your mask back on immediately afterwards.

- Please leave your kneeler down after Mass, so we will know which pews must be sanitize before next service

- Office visit only by appointment.

- Church is disinfecting after each service with a chemical product, which kills all viruses and bacteria after being on the surface for 10 minutes.

Father of Mercy,

You willed that all people should have life and have it abundantly.

You call us to care for one another, putting the needs of our neighbor on a par with our own.

Bless these OUR masks, which we wear during this time of pandemic.

May they protect us, and all those we encounter, from the threat of Covid-19.

May those who wear them never bring harm upon anyone, knowingly or unknowingly,

by spreading this terrible disease.

Holy Spirit, grant us a peaceful heart.

Teach us patience.

Help us turn to you in prayer when we are irritable or afraid, or when the journey seems too long for us. May all our efforts to guard and protect one another in charity become a shining witness to the love of Jesus Christ, for he is Lord forever and ever.


END OF THE YEAR Contribution

Year-End Tax Contribution Statements for  2020 are available. 

Please call or email parish office to request one.




Polish Kitchen News

Are you ready for Valentines's Day???

POLISH KITCHEN NEWS: On Saturday February 13th we will be having a pre-order sale of a polish plate dinner. The plate will consist of 3 pierogi, 1 golombek, kielbasa, kapusta and Polish bread. Cost of the meal is $15. Curbside pick-up will be in the parking lot behind St. Mary’s Church. You will be designated a pickup time when placing your order. Payment should be exact amount, either check made out to St. Mary’s Church, or cash and placed in an envelope with your name, phone number and payment amount. Call Sylvia at 413-436-9268 or Diane at 413-967-5207 with questions and/or to order. All orders must be received by Sunday February7th. Thank you for your support.

(Snow date will be Sunday February 14th.)

Year of Saint Joseph

All Saints and Saint Mary’s Honoring Saints Joseph:

Every 19th of each Month:


Tuesday, January 19 at 6pm at Saint Mary’s Church

Introduction to Consecration to Saint Joseph and Prayer Service concluding with Benediction before Blessed Sacrament


Friday, February 19, 2021 - 6pm at All Saints

Friday, March 19, 2021 - 6pm at Saint Mary’s

Monday, April 19, 2021 - 6pm at All Saints

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 6pm at Saint Mary’s

Saturday, June 19, 2021 12:10pm at All Saints

Monday, July 19, 2021 at 6pm at Saint Mary’s

Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 6pm at All Saints

Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 12:10pm at Saint Mary’s

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 6pm at All Saints

Friday, November 19, 2021 at 6pm at Saint Mary’s

Sunday, December 19, 2021 at 12:10pm at All Saints

Online Giving - St. Mary's

Rosary Sodality

The Rosary Sodality News:

Due to Covid-19 - No Social Activities 

Spiritual Activities:

Participating in the Rosary before Mass (Monday - Thursday)

Attending 13th of each month, prayer service at St. Mary’s Cemetery at 4pm - at Our Lady of Grace Shrine

(December, January, February at St. Mary's Church)

First Saturday Devotion at St. Mary’s Church: 7:30 am Rosary, 8 am Mass followed by Private Adoration  after Mass till 9am


Book with Sunday Readings and Songs

Book of Sacred Liturgy

We are offering our parishioners the opportunity to purchase a hardcover Book of Liturgy, which includes Sunday Masses & Holy days of obligation, as well as music.

The Sunday Masses cycle A-B-C. This is a forever you own Mass book.

Perfect tool to have during COVID-19 restrictions.

The cost of the book is $30.00. Please see Father after Mass If you are interested in purchasing  a copy.

Instruction for the book


All Saints and St. Mary’s Parishes, Ware, MA

Faith Formation Program Schedule 2020 - 2021

!!!!Updated and based on recent COVID-19 restrictions, cases and concerns on November 11, 2020

Due to increasing positive numbers of covid-19, both in the State and our Towns. After consultation and keeping in mind that takes only one case to have family members being in quarantine due to potential contact with a sick person what I experienced myself.  Also being aware of coming up Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and knowing that some people will be attending parties and visiting with families.

I am making a decision of suspending CCD classes in person for all grades until April 2021. 

All classes will be done remotely at this point and we will resume on April 11, 2021. 

An email with details was send to all parents on November 11

 In person meetings at this point will include only special events:

 Stations of the Cross:

Grade 7 - February 19, 2021 - All Saints Church at 5:30pm

Grade 8 - February 26, 2021 - All Saints Church at 5:30pm

Grade 9 - March 5, 2021 - All Saints Church at 5:30pm

Make up - March 12 - St. Mary’s Church at 5:30pm

March 21, 2021 - Lenten Penance Service - before and after each Mass 

April 11,18, 25, 2021 - Classes in person for First Communion Students (Grade 2) after 8:00am Maas at All Saints until 10:00 am at the Chapel

April 11, 18, 2021 Final Classes for:

  • Grades 3, 4, 5, 6 classes will meet at All Saints Church Hall after 8:00am until 9:20 am
  • Grades 7 and 9 classes will meet at All Saints Church Hall after 5:15pm Mass until 7:00pm
  • Grade 8 - All Saints Church - Upstairs: after 5:15pm Mass until 7:00pm

*First Communion Class 

Baptism certificates MUST be submitted by December 1, 2020

(Required only for those who were baptized outside of our parishes)

First Confessions and First Communion Rehearsal: TBD

First Communion Mass: TBD (Most Likely beginning of May 2021)

***Safe environment training: If you signed the paper to have your child not participating in that class, your child will not get any extra homework. If you did not - you will be getting a package in mail with instruction form the Diocese. Please return back form that is required.

God Bless and Thank You for understanding. 

Fr. Piotr - Pastor 

Mix iNFO


***Parking behind St. Mary’s School Building is closed for the Winter Season. 

Please do not park your cars in that location. Thank You 

Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday
9am -12noon

Only by appointment. Please call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Mass Times

Update Mass Schedule:

Monday: All Saints 7:30 am Mass
Tuesday: All Saints 7:30 am Mass followed by Adoration till 8:30am
Wednesday: St. Mary’s 7:30 am Mass followed by Adoration till 8:30am
Thursday: St. Mary’s 7:30 am Mass
Friday and Saturday Morning - NO services just:
First Friday: 8 am - All Saints
First Saturday: 8 am - St. Mary’s.

4:00pm Mass at All Saints;
5:15pm Mass at St. Mary’s
8:00am Mass at All Saints;
9:30am Mass at St. Mary’s
5:15pm Mass at All Saints Church

Additional Devotions during Pandemic Time:
First Friday: 12:00- NOON – Communion Service at St. Mary's Parking Lot Please stay in your car

*12:10 PM - High Mass – St. Mary’s Church – Only on First Sunday