Seven Sisters Apostolate

“God will richly reward you - now and later - for your fidelity and sacrifices”
Our Parish is participating in the Seven Sisters Apostolate started by a laywoman and a Priest in 2011 to pray for Priests.
The goal is to form a group of 7 women (sisters) to commit to taking one hour per week on a specific day to offer a holy hour for our Pastor, Fr. Piotr Pawlus.  We need more than 7 women in order to serve as substitutes if one sister is unable to do her hour.  If 14 women volunteered, there could be another group started for the Bishop. 
For further info - see the website for information or call or text Pat Boynton, 413-544-4356.
The hour can be done in church or at home with Live Adoration.